Announcing Aquatic Exercise Classes


Paradise Pool exercise classes have begun.  We have Aqua Zumba (2 times a week), Aqua Cardio, Aqua Pilates, Arthritis/Fibro Relief, lunchtime Express Aqua Cardio, and Aqua Exercise Endurance classes that are back to back so you can train in the pool for as little as a half an hour or as long as an hour.

Go here sign up:

Paradise pool space is limited--class size can be as few as 5 people or as many as 20.

Some classes are taught by independent fitness professionals like Mari Quirarte (taking a break during the month of May), and Jeff Barreto who teach Aqua Zumba. The Aqua Zumba class prices are set by the instructor and you pay them directly. Soon they will be able to take payments online and you won't have to carry cash to class. The price, length of class, and other FAQs are on the class page where you sign up.


Starr Nixdorf is teaching morning Aqua Cardio, Aqua Pilates, and Arthritis/Fibro Relief (Ai Chi); lunchtime (half hour) Express Aqua Cardio; and evening Aqua Body Conditioning (Body Exoitca), Aqua Pilates and Aqua Exercise Endurance classes. The price, length of class, and other FAQs are on the class page where you sign up.

To find out more the instructors go here:

Water exercise is excellent for all fitness levels because you can workout with little to no impact, create motions that allow maximum functional ability and with water resistance you get a 3-dimensional workout.  And talk about flowing motion ~ Joseph Pilates would be jealous.  

   We look forward to helping you make your life better at Paradise. 


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