Karin Hart joins Paradise as an Electro-Slim Technician

15-May-2015 We'd like you to welcome a new associate to Paradise - Karin Hart. She provides a very unique service here for those seeking the future of body sculpting and total fitness. She'll help you get slim without the gym!

Some of the benefits her services offer include:
~ Detoxification and energy. (liquidizes fat and toxins)
~Tones and firms muscles
~Contours and reshapes areas vigorous exercise cannot reach
~Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
~Deep neuro stimulation minimizes pain

This is cutting edge weight loss and body toning technology that allows for the loss of up to 20 lbs and 20 inches in as little as 4 - 6 weeks. Originally used in sports medicine accelerate the healing of strained and damaged muscles, MICROCISE (electrotherapy) has now been proven to assist in weight and inch loss, muscle tone and cellulite control. A one hour session is equivalent to a six hour workout, all while laying down! It also reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation, flushes toxins and increases energy.

Call her at (702) 817-1455 to set up a demo and find out more. 

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