We are pioneering a new telepresence shopping experience


 Paradise Salon Spa Wellness is proud to pioneer a new way of shopping for make-up. The telepresence experience. Telepresence has been described as the human experience of being fully present at a live real world location remote from one’s actual, physical location.  By using FaceTime as a medium for Telepresence and applying it to sell makeup, our makeup artist can easily reach out to a customer who can’t directly be in the store.  The customer can then sense the look, feel, and functionality of our makeup products being shown to them that they normally couldn’t achieve with conventional internet sales. Consumers and the makeup professional are able to work one on one with us to get more in depth product knowledge and faster more accurate choices. 


The KryBar, inside Paradise Salon Spa Wellness, utilizes telepresence by working directly with our customers via FaceTime. Using this medium we can demonstrate primarily our Kryolan makeup applications, show the Kryolan product consistencies and help identify correct color choices for our customers.  By working directly with our customers in real time The KryBar has made shopping for Kryolan makeup from home as easy as shopping for it at our store.  Telepresence shopping actively engages our customers so they feel more satisfied with their purchases than with a conventional internet purchase and sometimes more than an in-store experience because of the undivided attention they get.


The KryBar uses the Apple app, FaceTime, as their telepresence medium because they feel that the video quality is far superior to other videophone apps.  With accurate color rendition, quality sound, and smooth video streaming, selling and purchasing makeup with an iPhone or tablet is as close to the real thing as possible.


In order to work with our consumers via telepresence, they just need call The KryBar at 775 473-6390 and leave a message describing their needs and their FaceTime contact info, usually their iPhone number.  A makeup artist will then contact them on FaceTime. During a typical telepresence shopping experience our make-up sales person determines the client’s needs, provides primarily Kryolan product demos, shows color options and answers any other questions they may have. FaceTime's color accuracy is great and many times a color match can be done during the session. However, we will also send samples of various products which then can be color matched on the client’s skin for the most accurate match.  Once they finish shopping we will transfer them to our cashier who will finalize the transaction, record their information and finalize shipping options, all using the live video.


To set up a telepresence appointment with a makeup artists please call 775 473-6390 and leave a message including your iPhone number and a brief description of what you are looking for. We will then FaceTime you and start your telepresence shopping experience.

We can accommodate Android users through Skype, however color accuracy and resolution is not as good so FaceTime is preferred.



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