AI CHI (PAIN RELIEF): Involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused, graceful manner & accompanied by deep breathing. Ai Chi combines Tai-Chi & Qi Gong concepts with Watsu techniques, standing in shoulder depth WARM (91 f) water. This class is one hour.
The benefits of an Ai Chi exercise program are: Decreased levels of pain; Increased caloric consumption; Improved oxygen supplies to the body; Greater range of motion & ability; Increased core & muscle strength; Lowered sensations of stress; Reduced joint stiffness; Improved balance; Minimized problems with anxiety, fatigue, & depression.   Please respect this QUIET TIME.
AQUA CARDIO: A total body strength building water workout that will pump up your heart rate completely impact free when you are in the deep using Aquajogger buoyant belts, bells, and cuffs. Plus, shallow water moves using anchored exercises & Aqualogix gear are all a part of this fun full body challenging class. This class is one hour.
AQUA CARDIO EXPRESS: This is 30 minutes of AQUA CARDIO (see above). You can sign-up for an Aqua Cardio Express class by selecting the HOUR “Cardio” class and pay for the Express class in person.  

AQUA GYM CIRCUIT: Underwater bikes, treadmills, shoulder machines, trampolines, and arm machines have arrived! This workout uses all the Pool Gym equipment, and more. Tabata HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has cardio conditioning PLUS muscle building power. Currently we are including the Aqua Gym Circuit class with your Premium Membership.  As we work out all the details this will change.

B.A.D. CORE: (B.A.D. = Back ~ Abs ~ Derrière) Yes, it is PILATES. Great for your back, belly, butt, knees, hips, improving your balance, knees, etc. Build core / powerhouse strength & improve range of motion, maximizing flexibility, at a moderate pace with attention to control, flowing motion, concentration, centering, breathing, precision, routine, & isolation. This class is taught in WARM (91 f) water & is one hour.
B.A.D. CORE EXPRESS: This class is B.A.D. CORE (described above) except it is 30 minutes. Yes, it is PILATES.  
KNEE-HAB EXPRESS: The same training protocols apply whether you're healing from a knee injury or trying to prevent one. Best case scenario, your workout should include stretching and strengthening--STRETCH to keep the IT Band from causing limited movement and friction; STRENGTHEN your hip abductors and gluteus muscles to keep your knee stable. This class is 30 minutes. 
AQUA ZUMBA STRONG with Rick Jordan, (ZIN): is an invigorating aquatic exercise party/class integrating the Zumba philosophy with the Aqua Gym. This format blends it all together into a workout that's cardio, strengthening, toning, and most of all exhilarating beyond belief. Any questions about Zumba, contact Rick Jordan at, or 775-430-2099. Cost is $7.00 on our website or pay directly to Rick, he is an independent associate. Please Signup online even if you intend to pay Rick at the class so we can keep the class size controlled.  This class is not a part of Premium Memberships.          

Private Training Sessions w/Starr Nixdorf, ATRIC #140905049 (Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute Certified and Aquatic Exercise Assoc. Certified) If you want to move better or feel stronger get Starr’s individualized coaching. Often personal training sessions are booked in groups of three half hour sessions and paid for in advance.

Private Training Sessions: Paradise Certified Trainers and Aqua Pros can work with you on your specific concerns. Lauren Ware is a certified Franklin Method: Pelvis and Psoas Trainer. Becoming more aware of how the Pelvis operates allows a person to operate on a “cellular level”.The body responds with better alignment, less pain, and a better outlook.  Direct your questions about PELVIC POWER TRAINING to Lauren(702) 470-7416.

Wellness Memberships (Therapy Pools & Infrared Sauna): See website for prices. A Wellness Membership includes the use of the therapy pool, hot soaking pool, and far infrared sauna. Changing rooms & showers are available for your use. Premium Wellness Memberships include 30 classes per month.      

We are an ADULT only facility. Please respect the QUIET TIMES.  

There is NO Lifeguard on duty. We recommend you use the spa facilities with a buddy. 

 Terms & Conditions: 
    • a.  Your Membership is valid from the date agreed on at time of purchase. 
    • b.  All Memberships are non-transferable. 
    • c.  There are no refunds. 
    • d.  Seniors, Military, and Veterans discounts are for Memberships only. 
    • e.  Class times are subject to change without notice. 
    • f.  RSVP services: $20.00/month, we will do the SIGNUP on the Paradise website for you.  Ask for the form at the front desk. 
    • g.  Please notify us if you cannot attend a class you have signed up for.
      Call 775-883-4434 ext 0.
    • h.  Prices are subject to change without notice.
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