Customer Stories

Bob's Story

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

I’m a woodworker. A cabinet maker. Have been for a long time. It’s grueling work. Physically demanding.

After long years of hard labor, I was promoted to management. I don’t have to do as much punishing work as I used to, and it’s a good thing, because all that backbreaking work was literally backbreaking.

Wait. I never literally broke my back, but I sure did do some damage, and I really felt it when I was required to move heavy stuff around, which I still am, from time to time.
When I was out of the office, pitching a potential customer, I noticed Paradise. I walked, across the street, and through the doors. B I N G O!
One look around, and I knew Paradise is what my aching back needed.    Read More . . .

Loraine's Story

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

There is an enduring debate over whether or not you should trust your mechanic. The basic argument, of course, is that while your mechanic may be competent enough to fix your car, he may also be unscrupulous enough to make sure you have to keep coming back, by fixing one thing, but breaking another.

I was plagued by a not dissimilar problem a couple years ago, but it was not about something as trifling as my car, it was about my spine.

I’d had a spinal fusion in 2011. When I started to get pains again, I went to a physiotherapist, who asked about my exercise habits. I told her I was working out at the public pool. Wrong, she said, go to Paradise and see Starr.    Read More . . .

Sue's Story

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease two years ago. In reality, Parkinson’s had started creeping in at least three years before that. As a violin teacher, I’d noticed that my bow handling was getting more and more robotic, but I ignored it.

Do not ignore the little signs. Talk to your doctor about even the smallest things if they are persistent.

When my massage therapist noticed that my arms didn’t swing when I walked, I had to stop living in denial and face reality. Unfortunately, my current reality is that I am stiff as a board, and my body shakes when I try to do anything. Unless I am submerged in water, that is.    Read More . . .

Cynthia's Story

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

I’d put some weight on after my first hip replacement surgery. Talk about rubbing salt into a fresh wound, huh?

Hip replacement surgery, while becoming more and more common, is not a little thing. It’s a last resort, when all else has failed to alleviate debilitating pain. I am talking about excruciating pain from walking. Just from walking. Not from running a marathon, or climbing a mountain. Just from walking.

Walking is a simple pleasure. I took it for granted, until I could barely do it anymore. So, I was looking forward to walking again, after my surgery. Then I put on weight while recovering, which made it hard to walk. Clearly, I needed a Plan B. “Come with me to paradise,” a friend said. That became Plan B. It should have been Plan A.    Read More . . .

Stan's Story

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Hello Carson City! I’ve been reading these stories for months now and I find them very interesting. As I am part of the Paradise community I find the tales give me a sense of pride.

When I read the stories as a person going into life’s 3rd act they give me hope. I am so happy for the people featured in them because they have overcome so much.

But as fascinating as the stories are, I noticed there was something missing from them. My story is totally different from all the stories so far, so I told Starr and Perry that I wanted to tell my story. What’s different about me is that there was nothing seriously wrong with me when I came to Paradise. I was merely suffering from sitting disease and since I retired, a case of house gravity.   Read More . . .

Nancy and Kelly's Story

Friday, August 03, 2018

Believe it, or not, there are some good things about getting old. One is that you get old, as opposed the alternative, and there’s only one alternative to getting old. Another is that you get mellower. You develop an ability to tolerate fools. Maybe not gladly, but you can tolerate them, all the same.   Read More . . .

Clint's Story

Friday, August 03, 2018

Hello Carson City. I’ve been reading other peoples’ stories about how Paradise has helped (and is helping) them drastically improve their physical health, and I’ve been inspired to add my voice to theirs.   Read More . . .

Barbara's Story

Friday, August 03, 2018

It’s interesting, possibly tragic, how a silly social inhibition can keep you from doing the right thing.    Read More . . .

Paul's Story

Friday, August 03, 2018

I’ve got a bit of hippie left in me and I’m a big Pink Floyd fan. It’s hard to pick a favorite song of theirs but the one that really hits home for me is Breathe.   Read More . . .

Marilyn’s Story

Friday, August 03, 2018

 As the residual anesthesia from my knee surgery wore off, I flashed back to my entrance into Paradise. My pedicurist had recommended the spa to me, as a more holistic alternative to aqua classes at the community pool.   Read More . . .

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