Hair Dreams Extensions

Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling ideas with effect strands.  Anything is possible in Carson City with HAIRDREAMS top-quality human hair and professional hair extension and hair thickening systems.

Why Hairdreams extensions?

We choose to use the Hairdreams brand because they are meticulous about the source of their hair. Their hair comes from European sources in all natural colors ranging from black to the lightest blondes. The extension hair comes in two qualities - 5 star and 7 star. 5 star is very good quality. It starts out as black hair primarily from India and surrounding countries.  It is then gently lightened to the desired color. It is suitable for wearing for 4 to 6 months.

We find that for most people this quality is very acceptable and definitely better than the extension hair you may be able to purchase at Sally's or another beauty supply.

For those of you that want nothing but the best hair available, 7 star hair is sourced from all over the world and has been collected in all natural colors and never been treated in any way. After extension selection and sorting it is brought to you by us so that you can be assured of absolutely the fines raw hair extensions possible.

How long do I need to wait to get my hair extensions?

We can perform an extension service as soon as 24 hours after your consultation, however that does depend on availability in our schedule. Usually, we do a consultation with you and determine your exact needs, including color, desired length and hair structure. Strands come in a variety of thicknesses that are then matched to your hair for a perfect seamless look. We do not stock hair but it can be delivered via Fed Ex the very next day if need be.

What are my extension options?

We recommend that you become an educated consumer before deciding what type of hair extension is best for you. There are many variables that need to be answered by you in your particular scenario. A YouTube search for "clip in hair extensions", "fusion hair extensions", "tape in hair extensions", "hair extension for length", "hair extensions to add volume", and other related search terms will allow you to see a wide variety of options and qualities. We are able to help you with almost all of them except sewing wefts onto a braid.   The more educated you are the more likely you will be happy with your choice. Of course, we are there to consult with you and make recommendations based on our experiences and we invite you to make an appointment for a consultation when you are ready to move forward.

How much do hair extensions cost?

There are many variables that go into the pricing of this service. It could be as little as $35.00 to teach you how to put your clip in's in or as much as a few thousand for a full head of 7 star hair with color to match. When you are ready call us and set up an appointment for a consultation to get an exact price. 

Perry Nixdorf | Master Stylist

Haircuts - $35.00

Monochromatic Colors - $60.00 and up

Multi-Chromatic Colors - $50.00/hr plus $10.00 per color

Decolorizing - $85.00 and up

Correctional Color - Price Varies

Perms - $65.00 and up

Make-Up Services - $30.00 and up

Extensions - $900.00 and up


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