Preparing for the Treatment

1.  Do not drink coffee, alcohol, or an energy drink on the day of
2.  If you usually tint your brows, do so before the appointment
3.  Do not tan or sun-bathe for 3 days prior
4.  Do not wax your brows within 2 days before
5.  No chemical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, or other intense treatments 2-3 weeks before
6.  Wash and style hair before treatment, as you can not come in contact with water for 7 days. During the 7 day period after treatment, you will need to wash your hair extremely carefully or visit a hairdresser who can assist you.

What Happens During the Treatment
1.  Client's second consultation
2.  Discussion of treatment steps
3.  Choosing brow shape and color
4.  Eyebrows are then perfectly measured onto the skin using several measurement tools
5.  20-minute numbing process using a lidocaine based cream
6.  Pigment is applied on top of the skin and left to absorb
7.  Clean the skin and apply special healing cream to area
(Treatment takes about 2 hours)

Touch Up 

Touch up is included in the initial cost. The touch up is recommended only after 45 days. Prior to that, the skin will be too thin and too sensitive. You will probably need a touch up to fill in any areas that got wet or faded, or to achieve a darker color.

Main Reasons Pigment Fades

  •   Weak after care – if a scab appears the pigment will fall out with the scab
  • Scars  
  •   Glycol or retinol products and treatments 
  • Oily skin type, young skin, metabolism, or big pores 
  • Oily skin type, young skin, metabolism, or big pores 
  • Tanning 

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