Valarie Trahey

Master Stylist/Waxer Extraordinair


 Wednesday  9am - 5pm
 Thursday  9am - 5pm
 Friday  7am - 7pm
 Saturday  7am - 5pm



Womans - $40

Gentleman - $25

Teen - $30

Child - $15

Hair Color

Starts at $50 an hour


For Men and Women

Brow - $10

Lip - $10

Chin - $10

Nostrils - $7

Neck - $10

Ears - $10

Underarms - $20

Shoulders - $30

Full Arms - $40

Half Arms - $25

Hands - $20

Chest - $35

Back - $45

Full Legs - $60

Half Legs - $35

Brazilian (female) - $75

Brazilian (male) - $100

Buttocks - $40

Bikini - $35

French Bikini - $45

Full Body- priced after consultation

Ask about discounts for doing multiple areas

I love being a comsmetologist. I like the ability to help someone express themselves through thier hair. Cuts, colors and weaves o' my! I do Full and All body waxing on men and women. Brazilians, lip, brow, legs, arms and more, never be hairy again! Want a Hollywood blowout? I was trained in New York at Bumble and bumble. I can round brush for full volume with waves or curls or flat brush for voluminous straight hair. 

More about Me

I was born in L.A. and moved to Carson City when I was 5. I started beauty school 4 months after graduating high school at Carson High in 1998. I worked as a C.N.A before that. It was not for me. When I started beauty school I had 1 daughter. By the time I was graduated I had 2 daughters and got pregnant with a son shortly after. They are amazing! I got married on 3-2-1(without trying) and I had a double wedding after deciding to run off and elope with another couple late on a friday night. Fun times...

I truly enjoy what I do and I want to always make a positive impact on lives and hair.

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