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  • $125 Gift Card


    This purchase entitles you to receive $125.00 worth of services from Paradise participating associates, Spear Me body piercing jewelry and services, Kryolan Makeup and other beauty supply products.

    Please inform your service provider that you will be redeeming a Paradise Gift Certificate when you book your appointment prior to the service to ensure that your provider is a participating associate.

    You do not need to physically need to have a copy of this certificate to redeem it. If you don't have proof of this purchase we will have it on file and you need only present an ID that matches the recipient name.

    Participating Associates include:

    Stylists: Perry Nixdorf, Jayson Hadwick, Heidi Miller, Megan Thompson, Valarie Trahey, Terili Hand, Christy Pasillas

    Massage Therapists: Sabrina Buckwalter, Lisa Crowley

    Manicurist: Heidi Barker

    Piercings: Bridget Carter

    Aquatics: Memberships, Classes, Open Swim, Sauna

    Please note that any associate not listed does not take gift cards.

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